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Last Updated: 2/15/01

WOW Goals

WOW embraces seven major goals. In order to make these goals memorable, an acronym was developed... SAFE-TIP. These seven SAFE-TIP goals create a strong foundation and framework within which our Winners, Leaders and Pit Crew can grow. Every element of the WOW program is designed to accomplish the following goals:

Build Self-EsteemFind out about our 7 goals

WOW believes in the dignity and worth of every individual. WOW builds and maintains the Winners’ sense of self-worth by creating opportunities for accomplishment and encouraging youth to believe in themselves. Self-esteem is not achieved directly through a program, but is a moment-by-moment process realized through continuous recognition, encouragement and nurturing for any and all efforts and achievements.

Encourage Achievement

WOW continually challenges youth to triumph over fears and limits by setting and working on goals to "be all they can be." Winners are taught to think and to say, "I can do it" and "I can and do want to be all that I can be!" WOW encourages WinnersFind out about our 7 goals to reach new levels of learning and appropriately recognizes them for their accomplishments and attainment of new skills and knowledge through the Wheel Award system.

Have Fun

The center of all WOW’s programs and activities is "fun." Having fun while learning and sharing is what WOW Circles are all about. Teams that work together and achieve have fun. Everything that occurs at a Circle meeting should use fun as the method to achieve whatever goal is in sight. When people see someone else having fun, they want to be part of that experience. WOW belives learning can be great fun.  We encourage this through our activies.

Provide EducationFind out about our 7 goals

WOW is a learning organization. Not to be confused with school, WOW offers educational experiences through group and independent opportunities to earn Wheel Awards by completing 6 steps (Spokes) per Wheel. Every Wheel, whether it be a Basketball Wheel or a Science Wheel, provides an opportunity for the Winner to enhance his/her knowledge through hands-on activities or field trips that encourage awareness of self and others

Offer Opportunity for Teamwork

WOW promotes concern for fellow human beings and fairness and respect for the rights and property of others. Creating an environment of togetherness motivates members to strive for excellence and replaces "I" with "We". All of us together areFind out about our 7 goals stronger and wiser than any of us individually. WOW will foster within each Circle the attitude of a championship team: a spirit of enthusiasm, dedication and teamwork in pursuit of a common goal.

Promote Independence

WOW empowers youth to think independently and act resourcefully. WOW prepares youth in wheelchairs to lead more productive lives and to function more independently by building on present skills and interests. Individual exploration of talents, skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses will assist members in evaluating their opportunities in life.

Facilitate Parental Freedom

If children are to take wing and fly, then their parents must feelFind out about our 7 goals comfortable letting them go. WOW answers both needs, showing youth in wheelchairs that the sky is the limit, while giving them the skills to demonstrate to their parents that they are capable of the journey. WOW fosters independence and self-reliance in its children

Every element of the program is designed to accomplish these SAFE-TIP goals. WOW utilizes the skills and expertise of the Leaders and Pit Crew to inspire Winners throughout the program.

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