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Parent Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill in our survey! Your answers can help WOW continue to make our website fun for everyone!
How old is your child? 5-7
16 and over
Gender? Male   Female
How well does he or she know how to use a computer? Excellent
Need Help
Do you have your
own computer?
Yes   No
If yes, what
kind is it?
If no, whose
computer do you
How does your child use the computer? Independently
With a friend
With a parent
With a group
How often does your child visit our website? Five or more times per week
Three or more times per week
One to two times per week
Every other week
Once a month
What is his or her favorite part of our website? Games
Wheels On Line
Chat Room
WOW Gallery
How does your child spend most of his or her time on the computer? Doing homework
Chatting and e-mailing friends
Playing Games
Surfing the Net
Does your child have a disability? Yes  No
If yes,what type?
Does your child use a wheelchair?
Yes  No
Is your child a member of a WOW Circle?
Yes   No
If yes, which
If no, would he or she like to be a
Yes   No
Does your child have e-mail?
Yes  No
If yes, what
is his or her address?
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